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Who Am I?

Hi. I'm Amir. I was born in 1996 March, 14 in my beautiful city, Shiraz and currently living in capital of Iran, Tehran. I'm proudly Co-Founder and CTO at Herminatech which is a software company providing IT solutions to hospitality industry. I'm also student of Artificial Intelligence at Sharif University of Technology and proudly have Undergraduate Degree of Software Engineering at University of Tehran.

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What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Algorithmic Thinking

I believe in Mathematics and Logics and follow math disciplines in my whole life.

Software Architecture

Analysing and Designing softwares are as hard as designing towers.

Software Development

Every architect is a developer.

My Specialty

My Skills

Here are some of my skills. The percentages are calculated in comparison to my other skills. Otherwise, no one can claim that he/she is expert in c++. (In my opinion, experts in c++ either have no idea about expertise or about c++ :))

Algorithm Design


Java Development


Spring Framework


Database Design









I'm studying Artificial Intelligence at Sharif University of Technology. Artificial Intelligence can be the future of computer science and I believe that every computer scientist should have at least basic vision of AI.

I studied software engineering and proudly passed my project under supervision of Dr. Behnam Bahrak. During bachelor studies, I have worked in many projects inside and outside university to try my knowledges in real problems.

Here are the most important and effective courses I passed:

  • Advanced Programming (Dr. Ramtin Khosravi)
  • Probability and Statistics (Dr. Behnam Bahrak)
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Dr. Zahed Rahmati)
  • Graph Theory (Dr. Behnam Bahrak)
  • Advanced Graph Theory (Dr. Behnam Bahrak)
  • Game Theory (Dr. Sama Goliaei)

Here are the some important courses that I was teacher assistant in:

  • Advanced Programming (Dr. Ramtin Khosravi)
  • Discrete Mathematics (Dr. Siamak Mohammadi)
  • Probability and Statistics (Dr. Behnam Bahrak)
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Dr. Zahed Rahmati, Dr. Hamid Mahini)
  • Graph Theory (Dr. Behnam Bahrak)

I earned my diploma degree from Shahid Dastgheib High School, Shiraz, Iran which is affiliated with National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET).

Honors and Awards

Honors and Awards

Ranked 3rd and achieved Bronze Medal in national olympiad in computer engineering which is held by National Organization of Educational Testing.

I have achieved rank 6 in national entrance exam for graduate school in software engineering and artificial intelligence fields in 2017.

I earned silver medal in national olympiad in informatics in 2014.


Work Experience

Co-Founder and CTO at Herminatech 2017-present

Herminatech is the first and only provider of service based IT solutions to Iran and Middle East's hospitality industry. Hermina in partnership with Fanap -which is the largest IT company in middle east- is currently service provider of most-known hotels in Iran.

Teaching Computer Science for Preperation of Informatics Olympiad 2014-present

Preparing students in Shiraz High Schools for National Olympiad in Informatics. Teaching Data Structures and Algorithm Design.

Co-Founder and Full-Stack Developer at BeepDesign 2012-2016

BeepDesign was providing IT solutions and was developing softwares in Iran. During these years, BeepDesign provided services to many companies, organizations, etc. Some are: Safariparvaz Travel Agency, PersiaCamp, Islamic Azad University, ManamMikham Co.

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No. 512, Herminatech, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, North Kargar St., Tehran, Iran